We are gathering an amazing team of speakers that will share their experience and insight on Apache Beam.

These are the speakers that have confirmed their participation so far.

Alex Amato

Software Engineer at Google

Alex Van Boxel

Veepee, Lead Data Architect

Alexey Romanenko

Principal Software Engineer in Talend

Ankit Jhalaria

Principal Software Engineer - GoDaddy

Ankur Goenka

Software Engineer at Google

Austin Bennett

Architect at DISH | Apache Beam Committer

Billy Jacobson

Google Developer Relations Engineer

Brian Hulette

Software Engineer at Google and Apache Beam Committer

Caito Scherr

Data Analytics, Stream Processing, and Terrible Puns

Chad Dombrova

Head of Software at Luma Pictures

Chamikara Jayalath

Software Engineer at Google

Christian Battista

Senior Data Engineer at BenchSci

Daniel Chen

Software Engineer at Linkedin

Daniel Mills

Software Engineer at Google

Daniel Oliveira

Software Engineer at Google, and Go SDK Dev

David Sabater Dinter

EMEA Solutions Lead for Streaming Analytics at Google

Dylan Hercher

Google SCE

Eila Arich-Landkof

Founder & CEO at Oriel Research Therapeutics

Griselda Cuevas

VP Diversity & Inclusion @ Apache Software Foundation | Product Manager Dataflow @ Google

Hannes Hapke

Senior data scientist at SAP Concur

Ismael Mejía

Committer & PMC Member Apache Beam

Israel Herraiz

Strategic Cloud Engineer, Google Cloud

Jeff Klukas

Sr. Staff Data Engineer @ Mozilla

Jenny Lu

Data Science Manager @ FLYR

Jincheng Sun

ASF Member, Flink PMC, Beam Committer and Staff Engineer at Alibaba

John Stimac

Software Engineer at Yelp

Karthi Thyagarajan

Streaming Solutions Architect @ AWS

Kenneth Knowles

Apache Beam PMC Chair

Kobe Feng

Software Engineer

Kyle Weaver

Software Engineer at Google

Luis Armando Bianchin

Software Engineer at Spotify

Lynn Root

Staff Engineer at Spotify

Matt Casters

Neo4j Chief Solutions Architect, Kettle project founder

Matthias Baetens

Software Developer at Arabesque | Apache Beam committer

Maximilian Michels

Software Engineer @ Lyft, ASF Beam PMC Member

Muhammad Haseeb Asif

Researcher at RISE Research Institute of Sweden

Ning Kang

Google Cloud Software Engineer

Pablo Estrada

Software Engineer at Google. PMC member, Apache Beam.

Prathap Reddy

Cloud Data Engineer at Google

Rajan Patel

Solutions Architect at AWS

Reza Rokni

Dev advocate Google Dataflow

Robert Bradshaw

Software Engineer at Google

Robert Burke

Distributed Gopher Wrangler

Robert Crowe

TensorFlow Developer Advocate, Google Research

Robin Qiu

Software Engineer @ Google

Rustam Mehmandarov

Chief Engineer at Computas

Sam Rohde

Software Engineer at Google

Sameer Farooqui

Strategic Cloud Engineer at Google

Sruthi Sree Kumar

Researcher at RISE Research Institute of Sweden

Steffen Hausmann

Specialist Solutions Architect Analytics at Amazon Web Services

Suneel Marthi

Member of Apache Software Foundation

Timo Cornelius Metzger

Technical Writer & Broadcast Journalist

Timothy Spann

Field Engineer, Data in Motion

Tobias Kaymak

Data Engineer @ Ricardo.ch

Vinay Mayar

Senior Software Engineer at Expanse

Wei Hsia

Smart Analytics Specialist & Customer Engineer at Google Cloud